Sunday, December 30, 2012

Butter Dish

Darling, I now have a butter dish
that is shaped like a cow

                      - Leonard Cohen

"That one was for you."

I wrote it on my wall
And held it in my heart.
So now that I've remembered it -
I plan to use it in my art.

My bookcase.

I can't read anything you ever mentioned --
What I want right now -
Is to throw Pynchon's 760 pages
At your head --
And hide half of my books -
Because even their worn out spines
Remind me of you.

Maybe lovers.

Oh how I wish I could erase those conversations we had -
About how maybe we were lovers -
As you kissed me again --
                You fucking jerk.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is This What You Wanted


And I am tired
Of people telling me -
That I will never be
As old as they.

It seems my age is to be subtracted
And never added
Because I am -
Just --
Naive -
Immature -

As if it matters
In the end --
We are all just numbers
On a page.

Oh, to be ageless.

Arm chair.

I'll take the stairs.

With guidance.

I noticed that you were not there yesterday -
And that I used to write to you more --
But I still feel like you are here, just -
Slipping further into the background
So that I may take the wheel.

I hate you -

   And I love you --
           (So thank you for teaching me what Leonard Cohen was getting at --
                                                                                You jerk).