Saturday, May 30, 2015



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repeated pattern

If I take those blinds with me
I will roll them up
and store them away
Only to look at them
when I next move
and be overcome by nostalgia

strangely comforting lying in an unfamiliar bed
in a familiar room
I can’t sleep

I called out to you
but you didn’t hear me
You kept walking
and I just watched
wanting to see where you went

How to touch the doorway,
navigating an empty room in the dark

I miss you

I miss you, you, you, you

After I said goodbye,
I wanted to say goodbye again
But I stopped myself
Because it would never be enough

Thinking of a past I have never known
and I wish for timelessness

Can my drawings be timeless?
Everyone works in their time,
I am of my time

I try to draw a perfect circle

Shut the door, it’s cold
Morning light
The blinds are open
                         -- I don’t care

Pull down the blinds and examine the repeated pattern
pressed into my memory

I want to keep the past

I roll up the blinds
and place them in the corner of the room to take with me

repeated pattern

In what time would you prefer to live?

In the coming days of silent planes and graceful aircycles, and cloudless silvery skies, and a universal system of padded underground roads to which trucks shall be relegated like Morlocks. As to the past, I would not mind retrieving from various corners of space-time certain lost comforts, such as baggy trousers and long, deep bathtubs.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wish You Were Here...

Jennifer Rooke, Untitled (I miss you), 2015, pen drawing on paper.

Wish You Were Here...
Jennifer Rooke
4th June- 27th June 2015
Opening Night: Thursday 4th June 6-8pm

For her exhibition at Mailbox Art Space Jennifer Rooke has created a series of drawings inspired by a search for the words "I miss" in sent e-mails. The works form a sentimental narrative of loss and desire yet the expression "I miss", taken out of its original context and repeated, soon reads like a cliché. Wish You Were Here... takes an objective look at personal confessions of loneliness and longing to draw a humourous picture for a wider audience.

Mailbox Art Space
141-143 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Opening hours:
8am - 6pm Monday to Friday
10am - 5pm Saturdays

Facebook event