Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Some pages from an old diary

Remember setting myself a challenge to draw one page each hour, on the hour, for a day or two. Not sure what year this was. Maybe 2015. I was more confident riding my bike then (I've gone scared over the past year - need to get back on it...) I remember some of the places I've drawn: my bedroom, the doctor's waiting room, Brunswick Baths, remember that car being somewhere in Carlton (don't remember why I was there though...) It was funny looking at my watch and then stopping in the street to quickly do a drawing. I remember it being a fun activity. I like how it quickly sketches the day and my everyday surroundings. I'm also quite interested in the series of self portraits. They varied a lot depending on my activity, mood, how I felt about myself, whether I was looking in the mirror...

I get a bit precious about drawing. I reckon I need to force myself into these challenges a bit more, just as a way of moving through images and thoughts. Keeping my drawing mind physically active rather than contemplating the perfect subject or rendering.