Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stalk Yourself

Depressed Dumpling

Desired Loneliness

Charcoal Struggle

Abrasive Pencil

Texta Obsession

Love Pen

Conventional Relationships

Addictive Romance

Carving Time

Stagnant Work

Artistically Speaking

Human Error

Silent Life

Intense Moments

Constantly Evolving

Horror Fascination

Removed Rating

Gleaned Banana

Petty Crime

Cider Confidence

One Dance Only

Subliminal Peace

Imagined Past

Visual Possibilities

Focused Education

Quicker Works

Mysteriously Drunk

Blunt Day

Brief Notes

Exciting Places

Slightly Daunting

Another Tea

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to articulate it.

What we were celebrating.

The imprints of those lines.

Too bright.

Pain in the neck.

I don't feel like doing much.

Looking at your work.

Both cold.

Six beers later.

Not much is so much.

I understand more now.

Everything happens at exactly the right time.

How lovely it was.

That green coat.

I'd love that.