Monday, August 11, 2014

Indefinitely Soon

Lovely Distraction

Wandering Hands

Living Ideas

No Regrets

Slowed Writing

Pause Time

Curate Now

Everything Relates

Slab Buying

Jarlsberg Gobbling

Cheaky Sneak

Sneaky Cheek

Perfect Moments

Forgotten Conversations

Physical Intimacy

Occupied Space

Tucked Hair

Very Impressionable

First Kiss

Sips of Gin

Women's Issues

Little Secret

Dark Sounds

Rattling Ears

Constantly Recording

Self Motivated

Centrelink Outfit

Get A Job

Incredibly Sad

Funny Note

Other Company

Private Hello

Whole Bottle

Perfect Clarity

Meaningful Chatterbox

Groggy Week

Doubt Interactions

Easily Frazzled

Be Inventive

Carry On

Good Riddance

Always Learning

Wild Subconscious

Browsing Shelves

Read Deeply

Little Messages

Teenage Diaries

Enough Talk

Funny Jokes

Fluoro Lights

Make Stories

Dedicate Yourself

Cat Lover

Life Experience

Another Year

Beautiful Smile

Concise Proposal

Peeling Wallpaper

Instant Coffee

Infinite Hangover

Steady Job

Get Straight

Go Home

Credits Roll

Quietly Shadow

Dip Down

Sweet Reams

Actions Reveal